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All donatations have a massive impact on #LetsTeachCode.

Why Pledge?

We believe that the Worldwide Education system has failed to equip a generation with the skills they need for the year 2016 and the 21st Century. Everyday our lives are being controlled more and more by technology and if we refuse to learn how this technology works, and how we can build things for it, we will fall behind and a generation will be become clueless. We believe that we must bring Coding into our classrooms, and get our kids coding. That is why starting this January, we will begin to make 2016 the year of code. #LetsTeachCode aims to introduce coding in 196 schools in 196 countries in 2016!


We need your help! By pledging your donation bellow , you will enable us to be able provide packs of which contain the necessary resources and equipment to bring coding into 196 schools around the World, and eventually into every school. Pledge your donation by clicking the Donate button below, and together we can make 2016 the year of Code.

Indiegogo Campaign

We have recently launched our indiegogo campaign for #LetTeachCode. We are also accepting pledges here.
If you decide to pledge here we are giving away some awesome perks including :

  • Personal thank you message
  • Wristbands
  • Laptop stickers
  • Badges
  • Posters
  • Pens
and many more!